About Us

Chicago based software development company that is full of innovated ideas and has the right tools for the job. Our expertise in Web and App development we are up for any job. With our young and charismatic crew we are able to put in the modern look to our products. With our customers in minds we work along side you until you are satisfied with the products.

Our Team

With a young and innovated team at your service our goal is to put out our best work.

Isaac Medina

CEO / Full-Stack Dev / UI/UX Designer

Zenyx LLC's CEO, full-stack developer, and UI/UX designer.

Jorge Camargo

CFO / Head of Sales

Zenyx LLC's CTO and head of sales. Any inquiries regarding finances or sales, reach out to him!

Josue Viramontes

CMO / Social Media Manager

Zenyx LLC's CMO and social media manager. Handles day-to-day marketing strategies.

Zabdiel Cahue

CCO / Customer Service and Retention

Zenyx LLC's CCO (Chief Communications Officer) and customer service/retention. Handles clients inquiries and makes sure clients are satisfied!